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Corona discharges are the starting points of many important processes involved in surface degradation. Factors involved with corona discharges are: electric field distortion, high quantity of released energy, the presence of oxygen etc. Discoloration, chalking, cracking, erosion and roughness are some visual consequences of the corona discharge.

Material degradation due to corona discharges influences the electrical and mechanical performance of the power grid. It has been proven that partial discharge processes induce loss of hydrophobicity, increase leakage currents lead to arcs and dry bands formation, tracking and erosion and eventually to flashover.

It is important to mention that under corona discharges alone the temperature would never reach the threshold of 200-300 °C required to initiate thermal degradation.

Using DayCor® to inspect utilities is recommended due to:

  • Testing is performed during daytime so that safety can be maintained
  • Pinpointed visible information streamlines the time spent over finding defects
  • NDT - non destructive and non intrusive, makes the testing method cost effective, releasing the need neither for outages nor for load
  • Detecting faults in their early stages allows extending the life span of electrical grid components
  • No need for line load allows finding defects before lines are being used

DayCor® is being used by:

  • OH Transmission lines
  • OH Distribution lines and components
  • T&D substations
  • Generation
Transmission lines substation Transmission lines