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How much does it cost to pinpoint a fault?

  • Taking into account that a fault leads eventually to a failure, how much time are you willing to spend on finding it?
  • If the fault leads to a complete shutdown, how much efforts are you willing to put in order to pinpoint it
  • And, if the fault is minor but the component is critical, how much money are you willing to spend on fixing?

Using a DayCor® imager simplifies answers because of the manner the DayCor® are being used and because of the data that the DayCor® Provide.

DayCor® Imagers operate as regular video cameras BUT their added value is in the information they provide: Pinpointed visual information of faults. Just as regular video cameras the DayCor® are remote nondestructive and non-intrusive testing equipment.

DayCor® imagers – cameras see the invisible ultraviolet radiation of corona PD and present them as blobs. The blobs are used as signals of the underlying faults, and cannot be overlooked.

Finding faults with DayCor® is straight forwards and in real time. Due to the high sensitivity and the implemented algorithm the DayCor® Cameras are absolutely reliable and their data supports predictive maintenance activities.


This video clip demonstrates a test performed in a UK laboratory where the DayCor® Corona Camera was tested together with MPD600 on the ability to see corona partial discharge. The results show that the DayCor® camera saw corona before it was incepted by the MPD600 and was able to pinpoint its exact position. The MPD was able to present the amount of discharge involved, in pC. There is no doubt that both technologies complement each other and should be used.