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Ofil's uses its proficiency and experience to develop tailor made products that best fit special needs and specifications of end users

Solar Blind UV (SBUV) optical absorption type filters

Ofil owns the formulae and has the know-how to manufacture and develop series of Solar Blind UV (SBUV) optical absorption type filters and tailor them to specific spectral characteristics. Combining SBUV filters with appropriate UV detectors yields SBUV sensors suitable for detecting weak UV emitters in full daylight.

SBUV special optics

Ofil is experienced in SBUV special optics design, including focusing in the UV and overlay of SBUV images from the same line of sight with no parallax and in exact registration.

Digital signal processing for UV

Ofil has proven experience in digital signal processing for UV photo events counting.
Sensors design - Value-Add to Missile Warning Sensors. Ofil's SBUV sensors can detect UV radiation of an approaching missile and processes it using Command and Control system. The SBUV sensors allow unequivocal detection of potential threats with very low clutter, providing desirable signal-to-false-alarm ratio.  


DayCor used in Japan under heavy snow