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Customer satisfaction is one of Ofil's main concerns. To ensure full customer satisfaction Ofil keeps in touch with customers and encourages them to send feedback and case studies. In general, Ofil is very attentive to customer's requests/complaints. A yearly survey helps management keep abreast of the quality of service and products delivered by the company.

Ofil's products are used throughout the world: North America, Europe, South-America, Assia Australia and Israel. Electrical utilities are well familiar with Ofil's daytime corona cameras, as do high voltage electrical laboratories, heavy industry, mines, services providers, refineries, manufacturers and others, all of which acknowledge the contribution of Ofil's products to their business.

Kinectrics HV Lab Expands Corona Testing Capabilities, June 17 2011​As part of an ongoing capital expansion program in its Transmission and Distribution business, Kinectrics has recently purchased leading-edge camera technology to expand corona testing capabilities in its High Voltage (HV) Laboratory.

Kinectrics new DayCor® Superb Corona Detection system identifies sources of corona, partial discharge, micro arcing and arcing that may lead to audio noise, radio / TV interference and electrical mechanical failures.

A key advantage of the technology--which produces both video and still images--is its ability to detect corona discharges under any lighting and weather conditions. Corona testing is performed to demonstrated that an insulator or other test object will be corona free under normal field operating conditions.

The portable, lightweight camera system can be set up quickly for both lab and field work, offering clients a more efficient, lower cost overall corona testing process.

"...The airborne system worked very well. The DayCor Camera easily identified the areas that needed attention and allowed us to put our resources to better use. The people at OFIL have been great to work with. I would recommend them and their camera " (San Diego Gas & Electric)

" To this point we have been very impressed with the camera and are looking into getting a second unit and possibly a mounting for the helicopter "  (Alan Lucas, Altalink Canada)

"Everyone who have seen the images on you camera screen was really impressed with the UV methodology and with your Company product. I am confident - the UV detection methods really need be effectively used in the electrical / power equipment diagnostics. Your DayCor camera can help us to increase the reliability of the power distribution system." (Boris V. Ilinets, NASA)

" We find the DayCor to be very useful. The investigation with the interphase spacers helped us to determine that the failed insulator was not symptom of a system-wide problem. We didn't have to panic and change out all the interphase spacer which would have been very expensive. I think this one investigation paid for the machine." (Ronald Ruff, BPA)

"STRI decided to buy the DayCor after the evaluation period as we were convinced that this was the most suitable UV-camera for our applications
We have been using the camera in our high-voltage lab to detect and eliminate unwanted discharges. I have had personally done some tests with a simultaneously connected instrument for partial discharge measurement. In the best conditions it was possible to see discharges as low as 5 - 7 pC
We have also conducted a series of tests to check if it is possible to detect defects in composite line insulators. The result is encouraging and some experience has already been transferred to Ofil. One especially important fact for us, is that the camera is rather light and can easily be carried even if the terrain is not so friendly. I have personally done several tours with the camera without any problem " (Goran Olson, STRI)

"We have found the camera to be useful in finding problems with polymer insulators on our 230KV, 138KV and 69KV circuits. It is my belief that there should not be any corona on polymer insulators. Especially in the areas of the end fittings. Last month I looked at a 230KV line in the Mojave desert. It was built with Lapp polymers in 1989. Almost all of the corona rings had been installed incorrectly and there was enough corona activity on 29 poles for me to recommend replacing the insulators" (David Eaton, SDG&)


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