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Reli Harel, Chairman

Mr. R. Harel - Active chairman and financial advisor

Mr. Harel is the active chairman and financial advisor of Ofil ever since 1993. Mr Harel is a director of privately owned agricultural development companies, and serves as the chairman and director of cooperatives.
Mr. Harel hold a Bachelor of Science in economics and mathematics.

Moshe Goldbaum, CEOMr. M. Goldbaum - General Manager & CEO

Is serving as Ofil's CEO since June 2005.
Mr. Goldbaum has gathered experience in business development and international marketing of Hi-Technology products. He gained expertise in managerial positions in the fields of Semi-conductor, defense and homeland security and advanced medical products and techniques for human therapy.
Mr. Goldbaum holds a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical and Space Engineering.

Eran Frisch, R&D directorMr. E. Frisch - R&D Director

Mr. Frisch heads Ofil's research and development department since 2008. Eran's first steps in Ofil were as project manager of the DayCor II camera and was promoted to head the department. Eran is an expert of Solar Blind UV imaging systems and of optical design. Eran gained experience in special imaging applications in the industry of optical metrology and machine vision.
Eran holds B.Sc degree in Physics/Electro-Optics.