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NDT - non destructive testing imaging systems, developed, designed and manufactured by Ofil using proprietary UV BandPass technology - the DayCor ® Technology. Systems enable optical detection of UV signals in full daylight, for the power distribution markets, civil, homeland security and law enforcement purposes.

Ofil is also engaged with developing custom-made inspection systems that correspond to customers' special specific needs.

Ofil's range of products includes:

  • Hand held corona detecting systems
  • Airborne inspection systems
  • UAS systems
  • Vehicle mounted corona detection systems
  • SBUV imaging systems
  • Made-to-order SBUV inspection solutions
  • Ofil's products are being used in more than 60 countries worldwide ever since 2000, mostly by the electricity industry. Typically, Ofil's cameras are heavy duty top notch testing equipment used for routine inspection procedures. New products are added constantly, incorporating DayCor® technology with new features and enhanced performances.

    UVollé systems were introduced in 2009 in response to the market call for compact and affordable daytime corona cameras. UVollé systems were adopted by new markets and are currently very popular amongst predictive maintenance engineers.

    LUMINAR - the 2012 innovation introduced in February 2012. Luminar is a powerful tool with DayCor® technology embedded and with enhanced optical and display features. Luminar brings an innovative approach to corona detection.

    SCALAR - the 2014 innovation introduced in May 2014. Scalar is a great testing equipment that approaches the indoors applications with enhanced optical and display features. Scalar brings an innovative design and opens new options to companies who need a corona camera but could not afford owning it.

    Ofil's solar blind UV imagers incorporates UV sensitive ICCD cameras, special Catadioptric UV lenses and absorption type solar blind filters to achieve an imaging systems that are absolutely solar blind. The high sensitivity to UV in the Solar Blind range (250-280 nm) makes the SBI systems useful tools for detection of weak UV signals.

    Custom made inspection systems are developed by Ofil in collaboration with customers to provide a total solution per demand.