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Distribution Electrical distribution systems link between distribution substations and end user customers. These systems are expected to deliver safe and reliable electric energy throughout the service territory. Typical distribution systems begin at medium-voltage three-phase circuits of about 30–60 kV, and terminate at a lower secondary three – or single-phase voltage typically below 1 kV at […]


Corona is a phenomenon associated with transmission lines. It is created under conditions where localized electric field exceeds a certain critical value (4.5kV/cm). Corona occurs on all types of transmission lines, and it becomes more noticeable at higher voltages and higher altitudes. Utilities try to reduce the amount of corona because in addition to audio […]

Railways Traction

Novel technology to improve rail freight services and lowers carbon emissions from trains Department for Transport and Innovate UK announced the first set of winners for the First of Kind (FOAK) 2022 competition. Winners will receive funding to help develop #novel #technology which improves rail freight services and lowers carbon emissions from trains. One […]

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