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Electrical distribution systems link between distribution substations and end user customers. These systems are expected to deliver safe and reliable electric energy throughout the service territory. Typical distribution systems begin at medium-voltage three-phase circuits of about 30–60 kV, and terminate at a lower secondary three – or single-phase voltage typically below 1 kV at the customer’s premises, usually at the meter. Electricity is supplied through cables or overhead lines (OHL) or underground circuits. Cables and underground circuits are used in urban areas and overhead lines in rural areas. 

Electrical distribution systems need to meet customers’ demands for continuous energy supply taking into consideration peak loads. Design, installation, operation and maintenance are the basic engineering considerations for a typical power system. Ofil’s corona cameras are used to secure the ongoing smooth operation of these systems and assist utilities maintain high standard service.

Although corona activity is not prevalent on distribution systems arcing is often the cause of audio noise and radio interference complaints and can indicate defective components. DayCor® can assist prevent wooden poles fire.

with OFIL's corona cameras it is easy to detect and locate cases of:

  • Contamination on insulators and on OHL – due to coastal salt, industrial vapors and dusts, cement dust, highway road-salt, tire dust and car emissions, agricultural dusts and fertilizers 
  • Improper attachment of conductors to insulators (tie wire)
  • Aged & cracked insulators
  • Improper grounding or bonding that lead to wooden poles fires 
  • Eroded cement of pin insulators
  • Defective terminations
  • Rusted hardware
  • RFI, TVI and audio noise sources that trigger customers’ complaints 
  • Wooden pole fire 
  • Partial discharge in switchgear cabinets that can lead to tracking and flashover

Distribution Lines Characteristics

  • Abundant diverse components
  • Short distance inspection
  • HV electrical installations in proximity to dwelling areas
  • Usually easy to access

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