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The process of generating electrical power from sources of primary energy such as heat, kinetic and nuclear energy is called power generation. In most electric power plants electricity is generated by electromechanical generators that are driven by heat engines fueled by chemical combustion of fossil fuel or nuclear fission, or by energy from flowing water and wind, and “green” energy sources such solar photovoltaics and geothermal power. 

Turbines and generators are the main components in power plants which generate electricity. The turbine blades spin and rotate coils of wires within circular arrangements of magnets which result in the generation of electricity.

Corona is present in high voltage rotating electric machines. It is caused by electric field being high enough to locally break down the gas that is adjacent to the solid insulation. Industry statistics by IEEE and EPRI indicate that approximately 40% of all air-cooled high voltage motors and generates failures occur due to insulation. Supporting it, the survey of 1199 hydro generators carried out by the CIGRE study committee SC11, EG11.02 present the insulation damage as the main factor in hydro generators failure mechanism 

Ofil’s daytime corona cameras enable pinpointing sources of corona partial discharge and designate thereby faulty components and components in deteriorating stages.

The Benefits of Using DayCor® Corona cameras

  • Contamination on insulators and on OHL – due to coastal salt, industrial vapors and dusts, cement dust, highway road-salt, tire dust and car emissions, agricultural dusts and fertilizers 
  • Improper attachment of conductors to insulators (tie wire)
  • Aged & cracked insulators
  • Improper grounding or bonding that lead to wooden poles fires 
  • Eroded cement of pin insulators
  • Defective terminations
  • Rusted hardware
  • RFI, TVI and audio noise sources that trigger customers’ complaints 
  • Wooden pole fire 
  • Partial discharge in switchgear cabinets that can lead to tracking and flashover

Generation Characteristics

  • Valuable expensive components
  • Indoors inspection in workshops and/or laboratories 
  • Inspection of nearby objects

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