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Novel technology to improve rail freight services and lowers carbon emissions from trains Department for Transport and Innovate UK announced the first set of winners for the First of Kind (FOAK) 2022 competition. Winners will receive funding to help develop #novel #technology which improves rail freight services and lowers carbon emissions from trains.

One Big Circle, a technology specialist leader in the field of video, integration and scalability is among the winners, offering an innovated solution for the Protection and resilience for overhead lines using computer vision techniques.

The project will utilize Computer Vision techniques applied to video footage capturing by various sensors including Ofil’s UV #Sensor, to address the challenge of the UK railway resilience that is exacerbated by weather.

Certain weather conditions can cause corona to be discharged from electrical assets such as insulators. Corona discharge is not only an aggressive compromising agent but also an early warning sign of potential damage and failure on high & medium voltage electrical assets. As such, #detection corona on time and pinpointing its source is a major predictive maintenance tool that affects the decision on prioritizing preventative maintenance activities.

In this winning project, UV Corona cameras will be installed on in-service trains and enable automated data capture with real-time data transmission and processing.

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