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The Benefits of Using DayCor® During Commissioning The awareness of engineers to the effects of electric corona PD & arcing on assets’ reliability led to the proliferation in the use of DayCor® daytime corona cameras. As non-destructive testing equipment (NDT), DayCor® cameras provide information

Testing Turbine Generator Stator (TGS) Windings

Testing and Inspecting Turbine Generator Stator Windings ABSTRACT There are many on-line and off-line methods of testing and inspecting Turbine Generator Stator (TGS) windings. All involve some degree of investment in equipment and hardware – at times quite expensive. However, a

Electrical Utilities Call for Creative Maintenance Solutions

Electrical Utilities Call for Creative Maintenance Solutions Hydrophobic properties, pollution performance, ease of handling, low cost and compact power designs incredibly increase the use of composite insulators which are also called polymer insulators and NCI insulators. However, their outstanding properties, those which

The Value of Inspections for Electrical Utilities

The Value of Inspection for Electrical Utilities Ofil has solutions that assist electrical utilities manage their infrastructure. Our solutions aim at reducing maintenance cost and extending the operational lifetime of components that are exposed to the dramatical changes in climate,

Sustainability Considerations Conerning Electrical Gridlines

A recent environmental report by the US EPA revealed that the electric power industry contributed over 25% of the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in 2020 alone. This is closely followed by the industry sector, with around 24% of the total GHG for the same year. From this data, you can see the crucial role that the electric power and industry sector plays in changing their practices to reduce the detrimental effects of GHG on the environment. Apart from industry leaders, sustainability experts, like environmental and conservation scientists, study the impacts of GHG and recommend preventive sustainability practices.

Stability vs. Power Loss – Cost Considerations

Maintenance The stability and reliability of power delivery have always been a major concern of electrical utilities and were given higher priorities than the power losses issues. According to the World Bank report [1] dated April 2014, the average annual

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