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Factors Affecting UV Inspection Results

In a research conducted lately by CEPRI – China Electric Power Research Institute that was presented at the SPIE 2014 conference, the use of Ofil’s DayCor® Superb was analyzed. The purpose of the study was to establish operating principles taking

NCI Aging – Environmental Factors

to learn more – join CITI Ceramic and glass insulators are being substituted by composite insulators due to their low weight, high resistance to pollution and vandalism and for their lower installation costs. Yet their in-service lifetime is shorter due

Corona Rings: Are They Needed?

Mar 1, 2010 12:00 PM By Raymond Ferraro, Public Service Enterprise Group; Emilie Dohleman, Public Service Company of New Modeling predicts corona levels based on configuration, hardware and line voltage. (march 2010 | )

Transmission Line Insulator Condition Monitoring

David Stuart McLennan – SP AusNetAbstract: Transmission line insulator condition monitoring is of increasing interest with the ageing of many transmission lines constructed since the 1950s. Porcelain and toughened glass and more recently polymeric insulators all have characteristic degradation and pollution

Effect of Corona on Nonceramic Insulator Housing Materials

B. Pinnangudi and R. S. GorurIntroduction: Corona discharges can be a significant threat to the integrity of nonceramic insulators (NCI) due to the organic nature of the housing material [1]. For transmission class insulators (69 kV and above), corona can

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Ofil develops and‭  ‬manufactures UV Bi-spectral optical and digital inspection systems with embedded proprietary patented Solar Blind technology‭. ‬Ofil aims at providing precise solutions for science‭, ‬industry and environmental wellness‭. ‬Ofil owns the brand‭ ‬name DayCor®‭ ‬that stands for Daytime Corona detection‭.  ‬


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