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Inspection Robot With Camera

Multipurpose Corona & Arcing Detection Solutions

System integrators are able now to add UV detection capabilities to their arsenal of testing equipment and upgrade their existing inspection solutions systems with PD visualizing sensors.

Ofil offers two models of bi-spectral UV-Visible block cameras that can easily be integrated in motorized fast-moving platforms such as railways, vans, land rovers, or as fixed stationary inspection equipment.

DayCor® core cameras add the UV dimension and reveals hidden secrets to inspectors that try to explore the condition of assets and infrastructure. With DayCor® data the collected data is comprehensive and substantial. That is why Ofil’ block cameras are called UV Eyes, as they complement human natural optical range to make UV visible. 




DayCor® UV EYE

DayCor® UV EYE is a bi-spectral UV-Visible imaging block corona camera with enhanced features 

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DayCor® UV EYElite

DayCor® UV EYElite is a light weight bi-spectral UV-Visible imaging corona camera  for multiple purposes

Business Applications

Electrical Utilities & Contractors

  • Transmission 
  • Distribution
  • Substation

Australia | New Zealand

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