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Corona & Arcing Detection Solutions for all Hi-Med Voltage Inspection Applications

Ofil’s handheld systems aim at providing hi-end professional testing tools with distinctive features. Geared to simplicity and precision Ofil handheld corona detection systems are easy and intuitive to use, just as video cameras. They are ergonomically designed for intensive lengthy inspection practices. Systems feature impressive sensitivity that yield accurate results both for remote and nearby inspection.  Conveniently carried and operated, Ofil handheld cameras are fit for foot patrol but can also be mounted on tripods and used as fixed inspection systems, or even lap-placed and used on helicopters. Systems differ in their design, dimensions, mode of operation, levels of sensitivity to UV, price and recommended working distance.  

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DayCor® Scalar

Scalar is a bi-spectral UV-Visible imaging corona camera for indoors maintenance tasks.

The camera detects invisible UV radiation of corona and presents a visible representation of corona it its actual location revealing the phenomenon and the fault. 

Scalar is a basic corona camera that can see corona in lighted rooms. Scalar is ideally suited for indoors testing such as workshops, manufacturing floors, mines, electrical faculties and as a complementary testing technology for thermal and ultrasonic users.

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DayCor® UVollé 

UVollé is a mid-range family of Solar Blind imaging systems for professional daytime corona and arcing detection.

UVollé cameras detect invisible UV radiation of corona in daylight and present a visible pinpointed representation of corona it its actual location revealing both the phenomenon and the faults. UVollé implements the proven capabilities of DayCor® technology and add valuable information about the condition of electrical installations. 

Along with its ergonomic design and compact size UVollé cameras have an outstanding LCD and a powerful LED flashlight to support intensive routine in/outdoors operations. UVollé is ideally suited for electrical utilities, contractors, HV laboratories, industry owners of substations and other

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DayCor® Luminar HD 

Luminar HD is a high end Solar Blind imaging system for professional daytime corona and arcing detection.


Luminar HD features impressive sensitivity to UV radiation and can detect remote invisible UV radiation of corona in daylight and present a visible pinpointed representation of corona it its actual location revealing clearly both the phenomenon and the faults. 

Along with the implemented DayCor® Technology, Luminar HD is boosted with features that enhance detection and ensure accurate, reliable and valuable inspection results.

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DayCor® Superb

Superb is a solar blind UV imager with excellent detecting capabilities fit for any light and weather conditions. 

Superb is Ofil’s trouper model that is being used by worldwide companies for over a decade and is still in high demand. Due to its outstanding performance it is desirable by researchers and HV laboratories. 

The camera is very easy to operate using a simplified keyboard. It fits for indoors and outdoors inspection. With its robust chassis and electromagnetic shielding, it can be mounted on vehicles, carried in helicopters or hand held with a supportive vest. 

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Handheld Camera Selection Guide

Business Applications


  • Generators 
  • Motors
  • Insulators
  • Conductors
  • Switchgears
  • Transformers


  • MV / HV
  • Academic Research


  • Chemicals
  • Heavy Industry
  • Petroleum
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical Centers
  • Fabs
  • Mines

Electrical Utilities & Contractors

  • Generation
  • Transmission
  • Distribution
  • Substations

Products Catalog

Ofil’s offers a variety of solutions to match budgets, needs, applications, locations or any other consideration. Knowing the main aspects of each model of corona camera will  facilitate the selection process. 

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