Remote – Robust – Responsive

Powerful high-speed remote inspection solutions for aerial scanning in Gyro stabilized Payload Platform  with 5 sensors, including HD Video, HD IR, HD UV, Still Photo and LRF. Outstandingly highly sensitive robust sensors, updated constantly and responsive to flight conditions and powerlines characteristics. ROM HD provides clear-cut data.

Systems are compatible with FAA\EASA STC certifications, light in weight, simple to install and match most helicopters.

Ofil offers comprehensive encapsulated solutions tailored to specific platforms, budgets and needs, and block UV cameras ready to be incorporated in existing payloads.

Ofil designs and manufactures HD aerial inspection systems for over a decade. Ofil gimbals are manufactured in Europe following very strict and high standards. Our systems are used worldwide in thousands of flight hours over powerlines. Ofil is praised for the high level of customer support and high level of system performance.

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DayCor® ROM HD

DayCor® RomHD is uniquely designed with provision for precision and stability. ROM HD is an encapsulated payload with a selection of the most reliable remote sensing technologies.

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ROM EYE HD is an OEM bi-spectral UV-Visible HD imaging block corona

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Business Applications

Electrical Utilities & Aerial Inspection Contractors

  • OH Transmission power lines
  • Substation


  • Vegetation control
  • Oil spill (ORsolar)


  • Forests
  • Pole fire

Products Catalog

Ofil’s offers a variety of solutions to match budgets, needs, applications, locations or any other consideration. Knowing the main aspects of each model of corona camera will  facilitate the selection process.