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Inspection Solutions for Helicopters

Ofil-Airborne offers airborne inspection solutions for helicopters for scanning overhead power lines.   Ofil-Airborne manufactures and markets gyro stabilized gimballed turrets with fiber optic stabilization and data streaming. Ofil’s outstanding state of the art aerial systems include a UV sensor that was proved to streamline faults investigation duration, and data that can only be detected by UV technology. Ofil-Airborne systems are customized to customers’ preferences and can include variable  selections of  sensors.

Ofil offers a range of aerial monitoring solutions, to match smaller & larger helicopters with 1 up to 5 sensors at the highest technological standards with unmatched customer service. 

Our inspection solutions are available both as COTS and  tailor made.

Ofil remote inspection aircraft systems have the capacity to visualize, record and collect lossless high quality data while flying helicopters or fixed winged aircrafts.

Ofil systems are modular and fully configurable to ensure that customers get the best match for their specific mission characteristics and needs.

Ofil offers a wide range of ITAR free solutions for civilian commercial aerial inspection missions such as powerlines inspection, pipelines inspection, environmental & ecological surveys, fire detection and mapping etc., carried by helicopters and fixed winged aircrafts.

Ofil gyro stabilized inspection systems use moving maps for situational awareness and can include, inter alia, secure communication links.  Data is transmitted, in real time, with pinpointed findings to control centers for prompt response. Hence, sharing mission & time critical data  while flying is of essential in situations such as forest fire fight.

Special attention is given to the aesthetics of gimbals and their endurance to withstand extreme weather conditions of precipitations and gust. As such, Ofil aerial systems meet DO-160 requirements.

With manufacturing facilities in Austria Ofil operates globally delivering its LRU gimbal systems through a network of professional representatives and sales service centers worldwide.

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The latest and most advanced sensors

“… We invest in and deploy the latest and most advanced sensors …Corona can be effectively identified and quantified from long distances through the use of highly effective daylight corona cameras with solar blinds tuned to the UVc light bandwidth. The use of corona cameras to inspect high voltage transmission lines and grid components has proven to be reliable, accurate and very effective. This load independent method for fault detection enables utilities to identify areas of high activity and to take corrective action on their networks ahead of failures…”

Meeting Performance Requirements & Missions

Ofil’s airborne solutions apply to multiple inspection missions and filming. They are innovative and uniquely built for situations with flexibility only to assist organizations achieve their outcomes. Some of the tasks are:

With stabilized inspection systems mounted on helicopters, the task of electrical overhead lines inspection is safer, quicker, more comprehensive and cost effective than by foot patrol, and climbing. It takes a single visit to collect simultaneously HD photographic records by multiple technologies utilized for various missions’ purposes such as predictive maintenance, commissioning new constructed lines, regulatory, routine auditing and more.

The extent and type of information Ofil’s airborne system provides depend on the selected sensors. Ofil’s solution can host up to 5 different sensors, all of which can be selected and exchanged by the customer.

Pipeline companies must respond promptly to oil spills for the sake of both environmental and economic impacts. These organizations can benefit from Ofil’s comprehensive and precise aerial solution that allows managing any type of pipeline emergency, offshore and onshore.

Aerial inspection services for highways infrastructure, railway tracks and infrastructure, roads inspection, bridge inspection etc.  help authorities keep track of critical assets and avoid colossal catastrophes. Aerial data taken by combination of high resolution & high-definition sensors is accurate, covers large areas and provides pinpointed to the centimeter accuracy in less time.

Ofil’s aerial solutions can host up to 5 sensors per gimbal. By implementing the right technology professional inspectors can provide aerial survey data such as orthophoto, elevation models, terrain models, 3D models, thermographic data, and more.  

Right-of-Way (ROW) control along transmission lines, pipelines and transportation lines depends on visual information obtained during aerial inspection, foot patrol and driving. It is usually performed a couple of times a year.

Aerial inspection is notable for its efficiency, in particular so for locations with long lines in proximity to abundant dense and fast-growing vegetation. Ofil’s aerial system provides outstandingly sharp detailed observations of any element along the way that is worth being noted. Combinations of HD visible & IR cameras & LRF enhance the quality of the provided information.  

Hyperspectral imaging, and in particular thermal remote sensing technology, in agriculture is gaining popularity in recent years, and it is being now refined for integration into precision farming. Aerial remote sensing can be used for agricultural nursery monitoring, irrigation scheduling, soil salinity detection, disease and pathogen detection, yield estimation, maturity evaluation and bruise detection.

Aerial inspection can replace the labor-intensive, time consuming and limited traditional methods. It can provide continuous spatial coverages 0f large areas at repetitive intervals. Various studies have shown that the thermal infrared is more sensitive to determine water stress than other reflectance in visible, NIR, or SWIR.

During plant-pathogen infection the physiological state of  infected tissues is altered. Using hyperspectral images can identify these infections, as for example: powdery mildew, diseased leaves and yellow rust. Digital infrared thermography has the potential to identify and quantify the extent of infection, with high spatial resolution.  

Helicopters equipped with thermal cameras can provide firefighting crews precise & immediate information about a fires perimeter and sources It can  generate maps of hot spots, lead rescue teams to safe routes, report about the condition of affected areas and help portray a realistic true picture of hazardous hard-to-get locations. UV cameras can add instrumental information seeing existing residues of unseen fire cores against background which is as hot as fire itself. Firefighters will gain much value in Ofil’s aerial system with a selection of the best and most sensitive sensors in a highly responsive, flexible and dynamic payload.          

Hyperspectral imaging mounted on helicopters provides capabilities that biologists and conservation professionals utilize. Aerial imaging services can also help landowners acquire critical data to meet the requirements for permits with the local Parks and Wildlife Authorities.

HD imagery contributes to ecosystem studies, and is the base for census surveys, tracking migrating animals, classifications and composition of herds, reporting on ecological changes, evaluating the impact of land use, and climate change, and more.

Manned rotorcraft can cover thousands of acres or hundreds of miles of river drainages in a day benefiting both from efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Whether filming documentaries or feature films, urban landscapes or deserts, videos or stills, mono or polychromatic, artistic or reportage, Ofil’s gimballed system can match all sorts of genres. Our payloads can accommodate to your needs.  

For each and every mission customers are welcome to select the technologies that serve their missions, their preferred brands, and the number of deployed cameras. Systems are tailor made per customer’s needs and budget.


DayCor® ROM HD

1 -5 sensors 

ROM HD state-of-the-art upscale stabilized gimballed payload carrying up to 5 HD sensors.

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ROMlite Compact Turret

DayCor® ROMlite HD 

1-4 sensors

DayCor® ROMlite HD a mini stabilized gimballed payload carrying up to 3 sensors

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ORSolar airborne oil leaks detection


DayCor® ORSolar AIR HD  a stabilized gimballed payload carrying 5 sensors used for monitoring offshore oil leak

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Business Applications

Electrical Utilities & Aerial Inspection Contractors

  • OH Transmission power lines
  • Substation
  • ROW vegetation control

Civil Infrastructure & Transportation

  • Roads & bridges
  • Railways
  • Bridges
  • Solar PV 
  • Agricuture

Fire & Oil Spill

  • Forests 
  • Pole fire

Products Catalog

Ofil’s offers a variety of solutions to match budgets, needs, applications, locations or any other consideration. Knowing the main aspects of each model of corona camera will  facilitate the selection process. 

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