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Corona Vehicle Mounted Systems

Hit the Road - Inspect - Record

Corona & Arcing Detection Solutions Mounted on Vehicles

Manual and Automatic inspection systems fit for mounting on vehicles such as motor trucks, vans, railway testing wagons etc. Operation is either on the move or during a stop. Ideal for inspecting transmission and distribution lines and for electric transportation.

Ofil’s mounted inspection systems share specific features that guarantee successful inspection

      • Optics that support extended remote inspection
      • Sensors that guarantee the detection of corona from the distance
      • Cameras that enable HD recording while on  the move
      • Zooming and focusing that are adjustable and powerful, considering the topological conditions
      • Robust systems that can endure challenging ambient conditions and operate continuously
      • Systems that can be integrated with additional technologies
      • Systems that are easy to mount and dismount

Ofil aims at providing high-end professional testing tools for inspection teams taking into consideration their basic quest for convenience, practicality, and performance. Ofil implements a customer-oriented attitude and offers tailor-made solutions as well as commercial-off-the-shelf.

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DayCor® UV-EYEs

Business Applications

Electrical Utilities & Contractors

  •    Transmission
  •     Distribution


  • Electrical traction

Products Catalog

Ofil’s offers a variety of solutions to match budgets, needs, applications, locations or any other consideration. Knowing the main aspects of each model of corona camera will  facilitate the selection process. 

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