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Vehicle Mounted

Hit the Road - Inspect - Record

Corona & Arcing Detection Solutions Mounted on Vehicles

Manual and Automatic inspection systems mounted on vehicles such as motortruck, van, railway testing wagons etc. Operation is either on the move or during a stop. Ideal for inspecting transmission and distribution lines and for electric transportation.

Ofil mounted inspection systems share specific features that guarantee successful inspection

      • Optics that support extended remote inspection
      • Sensors that guarantee detection of corona from the distance
      • Cameras that enable HD recording while on  the move
      • Zooming and focusing that are adjustable and powerful, considering the topological conditions
      • Robust systems that can endure challenging ambient conditions and operate continuously
      • Systems that can be integrated with additional technologies
      • Systems that are easy to mount and dismount

Ofil aims at providing hi-end professional testing tools for inspection teams taking into consideration  their basic quest for convenience, practicality and performance. Ofil is has a customer oriented attitude and offers tailor made solutions as well as commercial off the shelf .

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DayCor® Ranger HD

DayCor® Rail HD

DayCor® Ranger EYE HD

DayCor® Rail EYE HD

Business Applications

Electrical Utilities & Contractors

  •    Transmission
  •     Distribution


  • Electrical traction

Products Catalog

Ofil’s offers a variety of solutions to match budgets, needs, applications, locations or any other consideration. Knowing the main aspects of each model of corona camera will  facilitate the selection process. 

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