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About OFIL Systems

Founded in 1993, OFIL Systems stands at the forefront of tackling the growing challenges in electricity; the rising power demand, aging infrastructure, and overloading of grids. Our pioneering innovation, solar blind UV technology, introduced a new era of predictive maintenance, enabling real-time detection of corona partial discharges in full daylight, a significant yet unseen threat to power systems.

Over three decades, our mission to ensure uninterrupted power supply has evolved into a comprehensive approach. OFIL Systems now combines advanced electro-optical sensors with state-of-the-art AI diagnostic tools, meticulously designed to increase the reliability and longevity of your electrical assets.

Our game-changing solutions offer an unrivaled vantage point in managing the health of HV, MV and LV electrical assets and components, transforming the threat of unexpected outages and failures into an opportunity for proactive maintenance. 

Our DayCor® range of products provides solutions for:

  • Predictive maintenance operations of electrical utilities
  • Predictive maintenance operations of electrically-propelled trains
  • Manufacturers of components for electrical grids
  • High-voltage laboratories and research institutes
  • Oil spill monitoring 


Trust OFIL Systems to mitigate the risk of costly disruptions, safeguarding your power systems for the future, today.


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