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US 1.888.950.5557 | CN 86.1580.215.4221

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Ofil is the world-leading manufacturer of optical and digital UV detection and imaging technology. Ofil develops and sells innovative solutions that are being used worldwide to monitor electrical installations and environmental hazards. Our digital inspection systems are indispensable for the diagnosis, prevention and prediction of electrical failures. Our special UV imaging systems are beneficial for the mapping of offshore oil-spill spread and for controlling their cleaning effectiveness.

Ofil uses its UV optical proprietary expertise to keep on developing UV enhanced imaging solutions, responding to the changing needs of the global electrical grid. Throughout the years, Ofil gained worldwide recognition for our innovative, quality and responsive approach. 

DayCor® range of products provides solutions for:

    • Maintenance operations of electrical utilities
    • Predictive maintenance operations of electrical propelled trains
    • Petrochemical industries
    • Manufacturers of components for the electrical grid
    • High Voltage laboratories and research institutes
    • UV signals detection for homeland security
    • Oil spill monitoring by environmental organizations


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