US 1.888.950.5557 | CN 86.1580.215.4221


US 1.888.950.5557 | CN 86.1580.215.4221

Corporate Philoshophy

Ofil keeps on developing non destructive (NDT) technological solutions to support our customers’ corporate objectives in cost reduction, asset utilization, reliability and safety of their teams. Our daytime corona detection products enable reducing inspection and maintenance costs, boosting the ability to maintain reliable overhead systems within tight budget constrains. Using our products is safe. Inspections are performed remotely on live lines enhancing line availability.

Our breakthrough category-leading products are based on our corporate philosophy:

    • Assist our customers in their quest for flawless and safe operation of their facilities by means of a reliable, easy to use diagnostic tool
    • Provide excellent products that perform flawlessly
    • Implement in our products technological novelties that can add value to the operators of our products
    • Ensure 100% customer satisfaction
    • Maintain our worldwide leadership in the UV optical detection technology
    • Support our customers with training and educational programs to enrich their knowledge of corona and of the technological solutions gained throughout years of operation

Corporate culture

Ofil promotes a fair, sincere and performance-related corporate culture. As a dynamic organization Ofil values its employees and implements a total quality management approach, where each employee’s voice is heard and respected. Ofil encourages operational excellence and keeps calling for new ideas and improvements, letting employees lead the company to new horizons, along with the strict guiding principles of customer centrality.

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