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85% of disruptive failures in high voltage and medium voltage equipment are partial discharge related

OFIL Systems provides cutting-edge solutions utilizing solar-blind UV technology to address the challenges of Corona PD detection. Our innovative approach ensures optimal performance and enhances overall system reliability.

Why UV technology is key to reliable detection of Corona PD

UV camera

Exact location of issue is clearly determined enabling to evaluate that the PD is on Corona Ring and thus is irrelevant

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Exact location of issue is undeterminable – no pinpointing makes decision making impossible

UV camera

Perfect multiple pinpointing of Corona sources despite their proximity allows for focused repairs

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Multiple Corona sources are shown as a single source – leading to untreated Corona sources

Immediately define issues and their severity with OFIL Systems' UV cameras

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Operating Ofil Systems saves us 0.5M USD of maintenance cost per 100Km per year!


Central Lab Manager

Using Ofil’s daylight corona camera helps asset managers extend the life of their overhead lines, improve power transmission efficiency and minimize the risk of equipment failure and unplanned outages.


Service Line Manager, Field Services of Overhead Lines

We are using Ofil cameras to detect partial discharges (PD) on high voltage motors. This helps us repair the motors efficiently and reliably and build a reputation.


Motors & Generators Service

OFIL’s UV camera is a very effective way to help identify defects in a wide range of different industrial situations.

ENGIE Laborelec

Expert Technician Electrical Machines

UV technology Key Benefits

Enhance your predictive maintenance capabilities

Pinpoint Corona partial discharge exact location on grid and components

Increase asset reliability and avoid unnecessary blackouts

Improve ROI and save unnecessary costs

Securely locate partial discharge up to 150 meters away

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Transmission and Distribution


Rotating machines


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