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ORSolar airborne oil leaks detection

Get a Quote​ Spec | Media | Catalog | Accessories Practical, Powerful, Precise, Affordable Discover unexpected faults and pinpoint their location. Find out in real time existing corona, known as the source for corrosive processes in insulation, metal fittings, concrete etc., radio interreferences, audio noise and ultraviolet radiation Inspectors expect to get relevant information, fast, […]


Explore the Corona “Whys” coronaWise is a software to handle corona related information colleted by maintenance teams and inspectors using corona cameras. coronaWise aims at helping utilities organize and manage large quantities of video clips and photos recorded during inspections and use them for reports and analysis. Organizations seek to create their own maintenance history […]


Get a Quote Datasheet D.I.Y Add Corona Detection Capabilities to Your System HD camera Light weight Recording & playback Highest sensitivity to UV Built-in recorder Bi-Spectral UV-Visible Fit for speedy inspections Corona events counting Powerful optical zoom Camera core for OEM Beneftits HIGH SPEED INSPECTION ROMeyeHD transmits HD video on-the-fly, without image processing nor frames […]

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