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coronaWise is a software to handle corona related information colleted by maintenance teams and inspectors using corona cameras. coronaWise aims at helping utilities organize and manage large quantities of video clips and photos recorded during inspections and use them for reports and analysis.

Organizations seek to create their own maintenance history as a means to reveal trends and predict the future state of their assets. Organized information can be achieved by coronaWise.  

The software enables adding observation comments and ambient conditions to the recorded video clips. Each faulty component is documented with its properties and attributes. Components are linked to corona events and to the recorded media, and will be included in reports. Management can follow up maintenacne tasks and audit repair actions that were assigned to teams. 

Reports are easily generated and include lists of corona cases, comments and action items and recommendations.

You are welcome to download and try the software free for 30 days.

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Manage Inspection Results


Data collected during inspections is used in reports that reflect the current condition of the inspected assets. If stored properly this data will be retrieve and used in analysis and trending for assets management. Video clips and photos should include additional information such as ambient conditions, geographic location, identity of the tested elements, visual observations etc. coronaWise accommodates for adding this kind of complementary information creating thereby a comprehensive repository of faults and of failure chronology.


CoronaWise can be used as a standalone software where only one user has access to the database. Alternatively, CoronaWise can be shared by teams using a client-server configuration with an administrator, power users and users roles. 


CoronaWise includes pre-defined generic reports. Users can customize reports and create queries that will draw data elements from the existing entities to be merged in newly designed templates.  Reports can include combination of fields that exist in records.

Why coronaWise

  • Manage inspection results
  • Manage inspection teams, tasks & activities
  • Manage inspected components
  • Manage faults
  • Share information across the organization
  • Reveal trends
  • Ensure data integrity and consistency

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