DayCor® micROM HD is an innovative corona camera designed for use on UAV. It is electromagnetically shielded, small and light with ready interfaces to communication protocols. micROM HD is the first micro HD camera with dual sensors UV & Visible, capable of detecting and imaging corona in daylight.

micROM HD streams out videos of the inspected electrical elements revealing sources of corona and records them internally. With the embedded DayCor® technology micROM HD acts as a high sensitivity testing equipment providing reliable precise information about electrical and mechanical faults. micROM accepts external GPS and ambient condition data and integrates them with the recorded footage.

micROM HD comes with ready to use ports for communicating with drones. Integration is easy and straight forwards. micROM is remotely controlled by a set commands that are supplied to drone operators to be configured on their remote control.  The HD imaging serves well the need for detailed clear views of remote specific grid elements.

micROM HD is offered both as a block camera that fits well into a wide range of gimbals and as OEM camera core per individual preferences and optional customization. 

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Practical, Powerful, Precise, Affordable


In order to maximize flexibility, duration and velocity weight must be kept at minimum. micROM HD is a lightweight camera with energy-efficient management allowing longer, higher and faster flights while scanning power lines. micROM HD silhouette simplifies the outline of gimbal design requirements.


micROM HD streams & records HD videos providing clear views of the inspected scenes, allowing reading plate names & catalogue numbers of equipment for maintenance referencing. Videos can include corona events count, date & time, GPS, temperature and humidity (optional). High resolution guarantees more observed detailed data.


micROM HD provides in real time the representation of corona as it is emitted, displaying both the discharges and the faults. Imagery is clear and sharp even while on the move. Output is used to determine faults’ location and level of severity. 


Above and Beyond Traditional Inspection

“As of Aug 2019, SDG&E is the first company in the United States to fly the corona camera on the UAS with the support of a local vendor integrating the camera on a UAS. In recent work, SDG&E completed 5 successful test flights on August 19- 20, 2019 and again on September 12, 2019 and assessed twelve 230kV tower structures, which took approximately one and half hours to complete. The normal way for this inspection is to use a handheld corona camera and that would have taken four hours. More testing is scheduled for 2020, and efforts will be made to integrate the procedures into the regular workforce operations.

Compliance Filing of San Diego Gas & Electric Company’s (U 902 E) 2019 Electric Program Investment Charge Annual Report

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Ofil offers a variety of solutions to match budgets, needs, applications, locations or any other consideration. Knowing the main aspects of each model of corona camera will  facilitate the selection process. 

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Ofil develops and‭  ‬manufactures UV Bi-spectral optical and digital inspection systems with embedded proprietary patented Solar Blind technology‭. ‬Ofil aims at providing precise solutions for science‭, ‬industry and environmental wellness‭. ‬Ofil owns the brand‭ ‬name DayCor®‭ ‬that stands for Daytime Corona detection‭.  ‬


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GTRH & TRH Sensor Plugs

GTRH adds GPS, Temperature & humidity data to micROM HD. TRH adds temperature & humidity data. Data is added as metadata and appears on recorded media.

TRH Meter

  • Temperature and Humidity Meter – Temperature range: -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F) – Humidity range: 0% to 95% RH

GTRH Meter

  • A combined sensor TRH meter + GPS


Li-Po rechargeable batteries: med range for 90 min | long range for 4 hours



DayCor® micROM HD corona camera, by Ofil, is used on a sUAS to inspect 380kV overhead transmission line in Germany. Video is being concurrently transmitted to a remote monitor and stored onto onboard SD card. micROM HD provides high definition imaging of the inspected installations and alerts inspectors of existing corona partial discharges. The flashing signals cannot be ignored and attract the attention of inspectors. Using drones enables deeper investigations by hovering and zooming into suspected faults. Drones equipped with micROM corona cameras are valuable to asset managers and inspectors and provide in real time excellent information about corona discharges.

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DayCor® micROM HD corona camera mounted on a drone scanning a substation and UHV transmission line. Using a drone enables getting to multiple heights of multiple voltage rates. Elevating the drone to high altitudes for long inspection terms entails using low load. micROM HD records and streams out high quality imaging of the utility installations and if corona exists micROM pinpoints its location. Simple, efficient and cost effective. An additional innovation by Ofil

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DayCor micROM – a Plug-N-Play corona camera for drones. Sensitive, easy to operate, light, small, shielded, on board recording, easy installation, low power consumption.

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DayCor® micROM HD mounted on a UAV scanning a substation. Looking for corona with OFIL HD corona camera is easy and beneficial. Inspectors can easily detect corona and zoom in optically and digitally to investigate the case.

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A collection of corona video clips recorded by micROM HD corona camera mounted on UAS.

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