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DayCor® UV EYE

OEM Multipurpose Block HD Corona Camera

UV EYEs Camera Core

Models: UV-EYE, UV-EYElite

DayCor® UV-EYEs  are  bi-spectral UVc-Visible solar blind block cameras for OEM integration. Ofil’s UV-EYES are robust, rugged and light in weight. They are used for daytime corona & arcing inspection. The incorporated DayCor® technology ensures high sensitivity to ultraviolet (UVc) radiation, which is manifested in excellent detection and pinpointing of corona. Ofil EYEs do not miss any discharge, whether near or far, single or multiple  that are enclosed in the cameras’ FOV.  It should be noted that non destructive remote sensing & testing capabilities depend on the sensor’s sensitivity. Ofil’s DayCor® technology is, by far, the most sensitive and reliable solar blind UVc detection technology and therefore the most attractive option for incorporating as OEM in any inspection system.

Ofil offers 2 models of EYEs, that differ in their physical dimensions, zooming, FOV and sensitivity: EYE and EYElite, as can be seen in their specifications. Both cameras are readily integrated as OEM on railways’ testing wagons, on vehicle roofs, robots, ATVs, as stationary cameras and in aerial systems.

Ofil provides full support and guidelines with installation instructions to customers who wish to integrate these UV-EYEs  in their projects.

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UV-EYEs on Vehicles Robots and ATVs

Ofil’s UV-EYEs  deliver information about encountered UV radiation. UV-EYEs transmit their output video to a remote monitor where inspectors can virtually see, in real time, both the discharge and the faulty elements. Integrating and mounting Ofil’s EYEs is self explanatory with the aid of a detailed instruction guide and with Ofil’s support.

UV-EYEs on Railways' Testing Wagons

UV-EYEs are indispensable to ensure the safe ongoing supply of railways electrical traction. UV-EYEs can run be configured to run automatically, scan the railways overhead lines and stream visual data with UV signals of corona that disclose the condition of the inspected installations. Data can be collected for AI and ML and reports.

UV-EYEs on Fixed Mounts

Ofil’s UV EYEs can assist maintenance teams monitor 24/7 critical electrical apparatuses.  Detecting UV corona & arcing in real time reveals faults in their early stages.  Ofil’s UV-EYEs assist assets managers extend the life time of critical, costly or rare components and ensure the uninterrupted reliable supply of power.

Arcing on Railways insulator

Seeing Faults in Real Time is a Game Changer

DayCor® UV-EYEs camera cores add critical information on deficiencies in high/medium voltage systems caused either by bad design, structural & mechanical problems, contamination, eroded insulation, loss of hydrophobicity and other voltage related issues. Integrating DayCor® OEM EYEs is cost effective due to their:

  • Performance
  • Sensitivity
  • Detection virtues
  • Real time data streaming
  • High resolution videos
  • Pinpointed visual display of multiple existing discharges
  • Remote & nearby installations
  • Easy installation & Integration
  • Simple operation




OEM Multipurpose Compact bi-spectral Block HD Corona Camera



OEM Multipurpose HD bi-spectral Block Camera Core

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DayCor® UV EYE

OEM Multipurpose Block HD Corona Camera

UV EYEs Camera Core

Models: UV-EYE, UV-EYElite

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