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Handheld Corona Camera

High-end handheld corona camera for daytime inspection of electrical apparatuses in/outdoors, with special emphasis on imaging definition, sensitivity and functionality. Luminar HD camera is manufactured under adherence to rigorous quality control standards.

LuminarHD incorporates Ofil’s benchmarked DayCor® proprietary technology ensuring daytime operation with the highest sensitivity to UV radiation of corona. LuminarHD is ergonomically designed and built for extended uninterrupted operation. Luminar HD has a large Sun Readable WVGA LCD, perfect for inspection in sunny conditions, and a powerful LED flashlight, to support poor lit inspected objects. Luminar HD is fit for remote testing of high & medium voltage apparatuses. It enables seeing pinpointed image of corona partial discharge and the emitting source. With the built-in GPS, temperature & humidity sensor plug and HD imaging, LuminarHD provides pinpointed and specific data that concerns the detected corona under specific ambient conditions in specific locations. Findings are available in real time, displayed on a high definition LCD and ready to be stored on board. LuminarHD assists inspectors investigate electrical faults and get a wider understanding of assets’ condition.

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Corona Discharge Camera - Practical, Powerful, Precise, Affordable


Discover unexpected faults and pinpoint their location. Find out in real time existing corona, known as the source for corrosive processes in insulation, metal fittings, concrete etc., radio interreferences, audio noise and ultraviolet radiation


Seeing corona at daytime is challenging hence UV wavelengths are beyond our perception scope. Seeing corona on remote installations at daytime is even a greater challenge hence light attenuates exponentially over distances. DayCor® is designed meticulously to enable seeing afar faint UV signals. Luminar undergoes sensitivity tests by an external unbiased European HV laboratory and is certified for having a sensitivity of detecting as low as 1pC @ 15 meters


Inspection is aimed at getting as much information as possible in a short time and as accurate as can be to portray the real condition of assets. Accumulated data is analyzed and used to manage predictive maintenance. Luminar HD responds to that need providing the corona side of the equation, fully, accurately, fast and reliably.


Dedicated to Excellent Mission Accomplishment

“ … we were able to locate the corona on the 115 kV overhead transmission line insulation and get not only qualitative results, but qualitative data, which could be used to plan the predictive maintenance. Everyone who have seen the images on you camera screen was really impressed with the UV methodology and with your Company product. I am confident – the UV detection methods really need be effectively used in the electrical / power equipment diagnostics. Your DayCor® camera can help us to increase the reliability of the power distribution system.” B. V. L. Senior Power Engineer ASRC Aerospace, R&D Engineering Services NASA Ames Research Center

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Handheld Corona Camera


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