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DayCor Rail

Automatic & Autonomous Inspection System for Railways Electrical Networks

Customized solution

DayCor® RailHD is an automatic autonomous corona and arcing partial discharge detection system designed for fast inspection of electrified railways. The system inspects, displays, processes, records and generates reports for prognosis of the electrical traction condition. RAIL HD is offered as a package of one or more UV sensors, a powerful processor bundeled with coronaCatch reporting software.

Corona indicates underlying chemical and electrical processes that damage insulation, corrode metal end fittings and accelerate aging. Moreover, corona indicates hazardous situations and in the case of mass transportation should be detected on time. DayCor® RAIL HD ensures the detection and pinpointing of corona occurrences along the inspected overhead electrical lines.

DayCor® RAIL HD is uniquely matched and customized for each customer with tailor-made configurations, fitting the unique architecture and conditions of the hosting environment. The entire solution aims at providing a comprehensive inspection capabilities for integrated data collection, data management and decision support.

The recommended system architecture includes one or more solar blind UV detection cameras, a processing unit, an array of hard drives, a monitor and dedicated reporting software. The corona detection units are mounted on the testing wagon roof in a shielded compartment, directed towards the railway overhead installations. The system’s wide field of view enables scanning wide area to maximize the efficiency of inspections Throughout the cruise the cameras scan the lines and record the visible and the UV channels. At the end of a ride, a report is automatically generated providing links to cases of corona, time of occurrence, ambient conditions and the exact location.

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CORONA INSPECTIONS: Practical, Powerful, Precise, Affordable


DayCor® Rail HD is a premium inspection solution for driven practices with the most sensitive Ofil proprietary UV detection sensor and optics that ensure the detection of any occurence of corona along the overhead lines. The system corresponds to the uncompormised safety demand and provides reliable information of eletrical and mecahnical fautls. To ease the work load of inspectors, Ofl designed an automatic testing platform. Operate and forget.


DayCor® Rail HD is an ideal inspection tool for mass transportation systems because it operates under rated voltages and does not involve any requirement for shutdowns. With its proven high sensitivity and HD imaging, Rail HD ensures pinpointed and clear information of any noticeable corona event.


Corona is a voltage related phenomenon. Corona compromises insulation material, creates RI and Audio noise, corrosion, accelerates aging. It indicates existing contamination, improper installations, broken strands, distortion of e-field etc.


Data Collection - Data Management - Decision Support

DayCor® Rail is a perfect match for maintaining overhead med/high voltage installations due to its ability to see and show corona related unplanned electrical & mechanical faults in their early stages. There is no other system capable of displaying a visual pinpointed representation of corona.  Early detection of corona related faults reduces massively the need for replacements and `1vna is a common phenomenon on med/high voltage electrical systems. It indicates localized dielectric breakdown caused by stressed local e-fields. This phenomenon is expected in locations with electrical, structural, design & mechanical deficiencies, contamination and other.

Adopting DayCor® Rail will contribute to

  • Reduced operation stoppages and line blockages required to permit inspections
  • Early detection of potential faults and disturbances
  • Improve diagnosis quality
  • Increase infrastructure capacity
  • Avoid unnecessary renewals
  • Saving through a multifunctional diagnostic solution



An automatic & autonomous corona inspection system for electrified railways, consisting of a detector, processor, display unit and software application.

DayCor® UV EYEs

A bi-spectral UV-Visible HD camera cores for incorporating as OEM in existing or new inspection systems: UV EYE | UV EYElite

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DayCor Rail

Automatic & Autonomous Inspection System for Railways Electrical Networks

Customized solution

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