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Gyro Stabilized Inspection System for Helicopters

Up to 5 Selected Sensors IR | EO | Photo | UV | LRF

DayCor® ROM HD  is a premium choice for inspections by helicopters. ROM is a gyro stabilized gimbaled turret with multiple sensors. Sensors are selected by customers to match their tasks, and include UV EYE, a Bi-Spectral Daytime UV camera. The UV sensor is exclusive to Ofil gimbals. ROM is easy to install and operate. Installation takes only a couple of minutes. One fiber optic cable connects between the sensors and the control unit. Gimbal stabilization is outstanding. The use of fiber optics for stabilization and for data streaming guarantees ultra-low noise & drift and fast flawless data transfer, System is electromagnetic shielded to eliminate interferences. With a chassis made of carbon, DayCor® ROM aerial inspection system for helicopters has aerodynamic virtues, elegant looks, and durable performance.

DayCor® ROM is a solution that fits most helicopters’ brands and mounts.

DayCor® ROM supports high-speed efficient inspections by deploying multiple technologies during each flight. Customers are welcome to select their preferred combination of sensors. Ofil’s default sensors are outstandingly sensitive with high definition (HD), catering for remote detection.  ROM aerial system meets the need for the outmost stability, accuracy, functionality, convenience, and qualitative data collection.

Optional solutions can carry up to 5 sensors including, UV, IR, TV, Photo, LRF.  The UV camera is exclusive to Ofil, namely DayCor®  ROM UV EYE  camera, which is the most sensitive corona camera. The implemented 61 mega pixels photo camera has a powerful zoom and fits the larger ROM system.  A Geo recorder provides high-resolution map with tagging and the Laser range finder adds information about the distance from the inspected elements. All sensors stream their output to a central control unit, are displayed on a monitor as single or split windows and recorded onto a removable SSD.

All gimballed payloads conform the EN 60950-1:2014-09-01; EN 60950-22:2009-07-01 safety regulation standards.

ROM can be used for fire detection and with some adjustments for oil spill mapping.

For over a decade, Ofil designs and manufactures airborne inspection solutions for electrical utilities throughout the world.

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Professional, Top Precision, Versatile Use, Affordable

Enhanced Efficiency with Every Job

Ofil-Airborne develops a multi-sensor gimbaled turret specifically for airborne surveys and inspection of extended, vast and remote infrastructure. ROM HD line of gimbals include state of the art sensors/cameras that record high-resolution color videos, infrared and ultraviolet imaging, as well as still tele photography and geo referencing with powerful zoom and high resolution. The incorporated technologies are efficient for right-of-way inspections, electrical overhead transmission lines, electrical utilities, substations, fire and emergency management, mapping fire lines, assessing rate of spread and identifying heat sources.

Excellent Data Acquisition

The outstanding stabilizing architecture ensures the acquisition of high-quality imagery on the move, smooth and without jittering. The hi-sensitive detectors ensure data accuracy. The selected complementary technologies ensure comprehensive true representation of the real state of the inspected infrastructure.

Ergonomically Designed for Aerial Inspection

Investment of skill & resources in combination with professional workmanship resulted in a unique incomparable remote control.  This smart remote control is very easy and simple to maneuver. Functions respond instantaneously to the commands, as expected from a fast-moving working platform. 


Customers' Testimonials - Very Professionally Built, Exceptional Service

” The Ofil ROM has been in service since 6/16/21. In that time, we have inspected about 4,000 miles of HVD lines, primarily 46kV. We have identified approximately 71 UV concerns and dozens IR anomalies. The Sony HD camera takes photos simultaneously with the UV and IR. We also often us the Sony HD to take photos of visual anomalies such as cracked crossarm and forestry concerns. The camera system is both complex and easy to operate. There are many customizable features for each individual operator.

The Operator Station is well built and provides a stable platform for the 24-inch monitor, Management laptop, Geo DVR, and Junction Control Box (JCB). The Gimbal Control Unit (GCU) is well built provides a great deal of customization, as mentioned. Ideally, if the Operator Station could be raised up about 8-inches or so it might put the on/off button for the JCB in a more accessible position.

The service from Ofil has been excellent also. Any issues we have encountered have been mostly resolved quickly. Eran and Peter are very quick to respond and have resolved a few issues over the phone or VPN. The camera system does have one issue that can only be resolved when it returns for scheduled maintenance in February. This problem hasn’t been too difficult to deal with.

The Ofil ROM camera system is a very professionally built and maintained system. Service has been exceptional. It is both complex and simple as well as customizable. We are pleased with our purchase and we recommend this Ofil product.”

S.V. CMSE Canada, November 2021




A stabilized gimbaled payload with multiple HD sensors: HD EO | HD IR |HD UV | HD Photo


A bi-spectral UV-Visible HD camera for DayCor® ROM 

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Gyro Stabilized Inspection System for Helicopters

Up to 5 Selected Sensors IR | EO | Photo | UV | LRF

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