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ROMlite Compact Turret

Compact Gyro Stabilized Aerial Inspection System for Small Helicopters and Aircraft

UV EYElite

Turrets with 2/3/4 Sensors - Per Need

DayCor® ROMlite by Ofil-Airborne is a state of the art compact stabilized gimbaled aerial inspection system. ROMlite hosts up to 4 optical sensors such as IR, UV, TV and LRF, collecting concurrently data by complementary technologies. This multi tasking system offers flexible combinations of selected high definition (HD) sensors, per mission and need. ROMlite utilizes a single cable of rugged fiber, connecting the turret to the airplane, ensuring vast bandwidth for faster and noise free bidirectional data exchange. Moreover, the media that streams from sensors is sharp, clear, and uncompressed. The combination of fiber optic gyros together with a high precision IMU ensures superior stabilization performance. Installation is easy and takes minutes. The dust-sealed self-closing connector provides IP65 standard while the glasses are anti-reflection treated for the collection of flawless media. ROMlite compact system can be fitted onto smaller helicopters , as well as small, fixed wing aircraft in multiple mounting configurations and is FAA or EASA approved.

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Professional, Top Precision, Versatile Use, Affordable

Superior Performance

The special architecture of ROMlite allows streaming of uncompressed lossless media. The use of geo referencing targets, moving maps, geo lock and high definition footage helps inspectors collect comprehensive reliable and substantial information about the condition of the scanned assets. ROMlite is the perfect choice for best performance during aerial inspection routines on small .

High Speed High Performance Built for Inspection Missions

The unique combination of fiber optic stabilizing gyro with the integrated HD sensors guarantee excellent results. The quality of the collected data is maintained even  during jerky movements and high speed flights. The media from the integrated sensors is streamed over a fiber optic cable ensuring a wide bandpass for fast uncompressed media transfer and electromagnetic shielding.


Fits Small Helicopters and Aircrafts

ROMlite turret is made of a lightweight carbon chassis, and uses a single cable to connect with junction control box (JCB). Mounting ROMlite takes minutes to accomplish. Instillation is simple and standard.

Monitor and control units inside cockpit

Next Generation High Precision Compact 4-axis gyro stabilized gimbal system

  • Next generation high precision compact 4-axis gyro stabilized gimbal system with integrated passive vibration insulators
  • Integrated Fiber Optic Gyros for superior stabilization performance, with ultra low noise and drift
  • Integrated high speed Fiber Optic Slipring for noise-free, crystal clear image data transfer in parallel multiple channels
  • Integrated IMU & GPS for GPS and Object-referenced GPS recording
  • Geo-lock function to automatically hold GPS object reference position
  • Mount options for all FAA or EASE approved aircraft mounts
  • ITAR  and EAR licensing free
  • Highest performance payload options among those available in the market
  • True HD System in all video channels UV/IR & EO for clearer and more accurate image analysis in high resolution
  • Ergonomic, user friendly and lightweight remote control
  • Integrated touchscreen for fast and intuitive control of the integrated cameras
  • Intuitive menu controls with multiple customized profiles

ROMlite With up to 4 Integrated Sensors

DayCor® ROMlite

A stabilized gimbaled payload with multiple HD sensors: HD EO | HD IR |HD UV | LRF

DayCor® UV EYElite

A bi-spectral UV-Visible HD compact camera for DayCor® ROMlite

Outstanding Features

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Ofil offers a variety of solutions to match budgets, needs, applications, locations or any other consideration. Knowing the main aspects of each model of corona camera will  facilitate the selection process.  Download Catalog…

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Ofil develops and‭  ‬manufactures UV Bi-spectral optical and digital inspection systems with embedded proprietary patented Solar Blind technology‭. ‬Ofil aims at providing precise solutions for science‭, ‬industry and environmental wellness‭. ‬Ofil owns the brand‭ ‬name DayCor®‭ ‬that stands for Daytime Corona detection‭.  ‬


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ROMlite Compact Turret

Compact Gyro Stabilized Aerial Inspection System for Small Helicopters and Aircraft

UV EYElite

Turrets with 2/3/4 Sensors - Per Need

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