US 1.888.950.5557 | CN 86.1580.215.4221


US 1.888.950.5557 | CN 86.1580.215.4221

Compact Block Corona Camera for UAV

DayCor® ROMpact is a compact robust block camera fit for corona inspection by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), or by helicopters with small gimbal payloads. ROMpact is also offered for 24/7 monitoring of electrical installations on fixed mounts. DayCor® ROMpact is a dual sensors of UVc and Visible has excellent scanning & corona detection capabilities of remote corona sources. 

With its compact dimensions and low weight ROMpact can be fit into payloads of various sizes. The camera features high sensitivity to ultraviolet signals in daytime and flueless registration of corona sources. The detected UV radiation is presented exactly at its physical location, leading thereby maintenance teams to the faulty locations.  ROMpact records, saves and transfers on-the-fly, in real time, pinpointed information about occurrences of corona partial discharge (PD) and of electrical faults. ROMpact is attractive to systems with size and weight limitation and to systems that wish to incorporate multi spectral sensors. inspection of high and medium voltage electrical installations while on the move.

ROMpact is offered both as a block camera on a stabilizing plate and as a core module, ROMpact EYE, providing for individual OEM preferences and optional customization

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ROMpact is a multipurpose block corona camera that fits well small platforms such as UAVs, small gimballed payloads or standalone fixed mounts that seek inspection/monitoring solutions with high sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation. As a camera core, ROMpact outputs video streams wirelessly or wired to an external monitor. The high sensitivity to corona supports high detectivity of remote objects.


ROMpact’s high sensitivity to UVc radiation enables detection and capture of distant corona discharge. Imaging is direct and does not involve processing nor frames integration. The resulted videos are sharp, showing pinpointed information without any smearing even during high speed motion.


Throughout inspections video is being transferred to a remote monitor. Selected findings can be recorded onto an onboard internal flashcard for further analysis and documentation. ROMpact can be used either as a stand-alone UV-Visible camera or in combination with other optical sensors such as IR.


The Benefits of Using DayCor® Corona Cameras

Our group has been using three of the Daycor UV Corona cameras to inspect over 600,000 electrical assets in Western Australia for the past year. We have found many faults that would not have been detected visually and it is very useful in the prediction of failure on electrical assets.

We would highly recommend to any power company the benefits of using a Corona camera with inspections” 

Heliwest Australia

ROMpact Block Camera Models


ROMpact a bi-spectral block camera for UAV with a shielded housing and a stabilizing plate


ROMpact-EYE camera core module, for OEM integration. Shares similar characteristics as ROMpact but is free of branding and the casing has not stabilizing plate. Can be customized to customers’ preferences. 

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Ofil offers a variety of solutions to match budgets, needs, applications, locations or any other consideration. Knowing the main aspects of each model of corona camera will  facilitate the selection process. 

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Ofil develops and‭  ‬manufactures UV Bi-spectral optical and digital inspection systems with embedded proprietary patented Solar Blind technology‭. ‬Ofil aims at providing precise solutions for science‭, ‬industry and environmental wellness‭. ‬Ofil owns the brand‭ ‬name DayCor®‭ ‬that stands for Daytime Corona detection‭.  ‬


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Compact Block Corona Camera for UAV

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