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Handheld Corona Camera

A compact handheld corona detecting camera for indoor use. Scalar is a visible-blind camera that fits artificially lit workspaces such as high voltage laboratories and workshops. Scalar is used for non-destructive PD detection tests performed on hi/med voltage installations such as switchgear, motors, generators etc. Scalar provides clear visual information about discharges that are invisible otherwise to the human eyes.

Scalar detects invisible ultraviolet photons that result from partial discharge processes and translates them into visible blobs. Scalar uses 2 optical channels that complement each other namely, UVb in the range of 310-320 nm and visible range. The camera is equipped with an optical filter, attuned to corona peak, that filters out non corona PD light. The transmitted corona PD light is then superimposed on the discharging object, displaying a true portray of the faulty specimens. DayCor® Scalar is a compact handheld camera with a wide field of view for testing nearby objects. The camera records video clips and snapshots of the specimens storing them onto an onboard SD card. Testing results are instantaneous and pinpointed DayCor® Scalar is an excellent cost effective inspection solution.

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Discover hidden faults and see them on a wide deluxe transmissive LCD, with backlight of 600 nits, and resolution of 800X480 px sharp and clear. Record findings and use them as evidence.  Store video clips and still pictures onto a removable flash card and review them again to compare and trend. In darker compartments Scalar has it own built-in LED flashlight, while the command buttons are shining to ease their selection.

Small dimension big value

Get significant information, fast, simply and clearly. Wide field of view enables testing in narrow spaces. Operation is intuitive operation, without efforts, very user-friendly interface, fast response, and clear corona events manifestation. Turn on, aim, shoot and store. Neither calibrations nor any further adjustments are needed throughout its life.


DayCor® Scalar allows configuring multiple operation profiles to accommodate for different conditions. During inspection it is readily possible to switch between profiles and select the most appropriate one.  Scalar is designed to maximize ease of operation. It is operated using a featured menu and a set of command buttons.

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Cost Effective Solution Dedicatd to Workshops

“All we asked for was to be able to ensure that we have accomplished the refurbishing the old S. generator. We reckon that our customer trusts us and it is important to maintain our reputation . We looked for a tester that will enable us to see if there are any PD spots that we missed, but this tester should be reliable, not be intrusive, be used in a lit room and should allow testing in rated voltage. We should not risk overloading nor straining the old machine. We found Ofil’s Scalar. A very small smart camera that provides all that we wanted, for a fair price. Indeed, for the price we paid we got a fine piece of testing equipment”

H. K. B.  PE Eng. MD. USA

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Handheld Corona Camera

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Ofil’s exclusive solution to indoors inspection with corona cameras: DayCor® SCALAR is a nondestructive (NDT) testing imaging system, developed, designed and manufactured by Ofil using proprietary UV Band Pass technology. DayCor® Scalar is a High Value Low Cost, affordable corona detection camera. Scalar records, stores and plays videos and stills. Scalar sees ultraviolet signals emitted by partial discharges and smartly differentiates between noise and real corona signals. Scalar merges, with high accuracy, 2 channels: ultraviolet and visible and thereby displays both the corona and its source.

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DayCor Scalar, handheld corona detection camera for indoors inspections. Useful to inspect electrical cabinets switchgear, motors and hv/mv installations. Low cost High value. Available directly from Ofil and from Ofil’s worldwide representatives and online shops

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Indoors corona camera fit for regular room illumination conditions records video and stills pinpoints corona emitting sources

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