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Handheld Corona Cameras

Models: SX | VX

Compact handheld corona cameras for daytime inspection of electrical apparatuses indoors and outdoors, with special emphasis on ergonomic design and intuitive simple operation. UVollé cameras are manufactured under adherence to rigorous quality control standards.

UVollé family incorporates the DayCor® technology, and features thereby very high sensitivity to corona signals and perfect signal positioning. UVollé has a large Sun Readable WVGA LCD, perfect for inspection in sunny conditions, and a powerful LED flashlight, to support poor lit inspected objects. UVollé is fit for remote testing of high & medium voltage apparatuses. UVollé enables seeing pinpointed image of corona partial discharge and the emitting source. The visual information can be augmented with further data about the ambient conditions and GPS, recorded and stored for analysis and documentation. UVollé reveals and displays, in real time on-the fly, existing voltage related faults.​

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CORONA DETACTION CAMERA: Practical, Powerful, Precise, Affordable

Find Faults Fast and Precise

Discover unexpected faults and pinpoint their location. Find out in real time existing corona, known as the source for corrosive processes in insulation, metal fittings, concrete etc., radio interreferences, audio noise and ultraviolet radiation

Practical and Technical

Inspectors expect to get relevant information, fast, simple and clear. UVollé is built for inspectors, offering simple intuitive operation, user friendly interface, fast response, clear results of corona events. Turn on, aim, shoot and store. Neither calibrations nor any further adjustments are needed throughout its life.

Indoor and Outdoor

A sun readable spacious LCD with brightness control supports outdoor operation, while backlit keyboard and a powerful LED flashlight fit indoors shady conditions. Dynamic FOV with manual and auto focus match indoors inspections of nearby objects as well as outdoor inspection of remote objects. Long battery runtime support outdoor activity and AC/DC inlet is handy for indoors. Ongoing operation without overheating supports both indoors and outdoors, ensuring stable availability.


Dedicated to Total Productive Maintenance

“The need for Ofil’s testing cameras has always motivated us to bring innovative solutions and find newer technologies to implement in our products, and thereby enhance their performances. We in Ofil believe that our loyal customers appreciate the quality of our products and innovative approach” says Ofil’s CEO, Mr. Moshe Goldbaum.

UVollé Models SC | VC | SX | VX

VX and VC 3

UVollé SX​

UVollé-SX compact bi-spectral UV-Visible still pictures camera pinpoints, displays and shoots corona and arcing during daytime. Features a 5” wide WVGA sun readable LCD

UVollé VX​

UVollé-VX compact bi-spectral UV-Visible video camera pinpoints, displays and records corona and arcing during daytime. Features a 5” wide WVGA sun readable LCD

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Handheld Corona Cameras

Models: SX | VX

Australia | New Zealand

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