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Testing Results that are Immediately Seen

Ofil’s DayCor® Corona cameras are being used by researchers throughout the world ever since they were launched. Initially they were attractive due to their ability to display the corona discharge itself in daytime or under natural light, and due to their ability to supply precise pinpointed data.

Over the year, DayCor® were confronted with other PD testing technologies ending with the same absolute results that support the integrity and sensitivity of the technology. This explains why DayCor® systems are popular among, and used by, the greater R&D community. Often the name DayCor® is mentioned in publications and in studies and articles that are presented in professional forums.

  • HV laboratories use Ofil cameras to test new structural design, or new products before being endorsed, or to test endurance to corona.
  • Research Institutes use Ofil cameras to investigate various parameters that affect grid reliability These institutes are looking to investigate failure chronology, or seek to develop new safe, cost effective tests procedures.
  • Electrical facUlties use Ofil’s corona cameras to train students and provide visual convincing evidence to theoretical calculations.
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The Visual Evidence that Concerns Researchers

Corona is What They Expect to See

HV laboratories are often required to test new installations for electrical grids or newly designed hardware to qualify them for their intended use. These tests involve elevating tension, spraying with salty solutions, changing the ambient conditions of the testing environment etc, in order to investigate the response to extreme conditions.

Corona cameras which are non-destructive and non-intrusive are included in the set of these tests. The cameras provide visual evidence that can be included in reports, they display consequences in real time, they are safe to use and under laboratory testing conditions provide quantitative data of PD. Installations that are tested by corona cameras are left intact and ready to be used by other testing technologies.

Corona Indicates

  • Distorted E-Field     
  • Structural and design faults
  • The beginning of aging processes
  • Ionization processes that involve  UV radiation, creation of Ozon and acids
  • Material imperfection and air gaps
  • Loss of hydrophobicity

Lab Report: What Triggered Corrosion on Cable Lugs

Corrosion is degradation of metal cause by chemicals or by electrochemical reaction. Corona is an indication of ionization processes that result from local electrical partial discharge. At the same time Ozone is discharged and acids are created. Corona cameras are appreciated in such cases for alerting on time of existing destructive chemical reactions.

Solutions for utilities


DayCor® Superb – features an outstanding sensitivity to UV. Shielded and fits high voltage conditions Can be remotely operated. Records videos and takes snapshots. Has external batteries and can be plugged to the wall.

DayCor® Luminar HD- features supreme sensitivity to UV with HD imaging. Shielded. Can be remotely operated. Has an internal rechargeable battery and can be plugged to the wall. Offers wide field of view to support testing in smaller spaces.

DayCor® UVollé – features high sensitivity to UV and is ideal for indoors testing. Shielded. Can be remot4ely operated. Has an internal rechargeable batter and can be plugged to the wall. Compact and light and is a perfect choice for handheld operation.

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